Digital Marketing

Your message is only as good as those who can hear it

Email Marketing

Email still remains the single most productive means of generating new supporters and fundraising online.  We will help your organization build, manage and grow a permission based email list.  Our team will help maximize conversions and click through rates for every email.  Creating an email marketing campaign involves more than laying out some content and crossing your fingers.  Emails with killer results have a special mix of the right content, stellar layout and the right strategy.

Content Marketing

In todays fundraising world, content is king.  Those who continue to use “marketing as usual” by pushing information to untargeted and unwanted consumers will be tuned out.  To adapt effectively to the challeneges posed by this changing landscape, organizations need to shift away from these approaches and adopt an interactive marketing approach and engage the customer in an interactive dialog.

Digital Media Strategy

The game has changed, the tools have changed and the ways you interact with customers has changed. Today, nonprofits are faced with an environment of constant change, but also have more opportunities than ever before to reach and engage donors.  Emerging channels are giving organizations unprecedented opportunity to communicate in a highly personable manner through social outlets.  The landscape has changed from one of pushing information onto untargeted and unwanted consumers to one of engaging supporters in an interactive dialog.

Analytics & Reporting

Marketing strategies are successful only when the results are monitored constantly. This helps you understand what is working with your fundraising campaigns and more importantly what is not working. We implement the tolls necessary to capture the analysis of all your digital assets giving you a better understanding of the numbers behind your efforts in mobile, social, web and email development. All our clients receive in-depth reporting, giving them the knowledge behind the numbers and empower them to react accordingly.


Of all fundraising dollars come from email


of consumers delete emails they can't read on their phone


Of smartphone owners access email via mobile

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