Online Fundraising Solutions

Mobile 50/50 Raffle Platform

Named for the way funds are disbursed, half to the winner and half to charity, 50/50 raffles are gaining popularity as an easy way to raise significant amounts of funds.  Artemis has modernized the traditional 50/50 Raffle with a complete and powerful mobile point of sale solution.  With a new modern 50/50 raffle, you can increase selling times, have greater accountability and as a result generate more money securely.

Online Crowdfunding Contest Platform

Our crowdfunding platform is a full service program for running campaigns around causes important in your community.  A crowd funding contest is different from a regular raffle in that participants are receiving perks along the way for participating.  Similar to raffles is the fact that the barrier to entry is small increasing participation and in return increasing your fundraising.

Online Fundraising Campaigns

Our online campaigns platform gives you the latest in fundraising technology to engage fans.  It’s simple really, by allowing your fan base to take a small chance on winning once-in-a-lifetime prizes and experiences, increases participation driving up your fundraising results.  Our online campaigns platform was born from harnessing the passion of millions of fans to make a big difference for important causes in your community.