50/50 Raffles

Fundraise with Next Generation Raffle Technology

Artemis has modernized the traditional 50/50 Raffle with a complete and powerful mobile point of sale solution.  50/50 raffles are an easy way to raise significant funding

Our Approach to 50/50 Raffles


Mobile technology increases ticket sales, visibility and marketability of raffles


Technology is only as good as you use it, we will give you the process to maximize results.


Multichannel marketing drives awareness to your fan base and increase pot totals

Full Service 50/50 Mobile Point of Sale Platform

  • Increased Revenue

    • Increased Selling Times
    • Tiered Pricing
    • Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Support Services

    • Training & Support
    • Financing Options
    • Volunteer Recruitment

  • Safe & Secure

    • Seller Accountability
    • 24/7 Support
    • Legal Compliance

  • Leading Tech

    • Ultimate Connectivity
    • Live or Automated Draws
    • Real Time Pot Totals

Our Clients Average

1.5 Hours

Increase In Selling Time


Increase In Pot Totals


In Sales Per Fan

Maximize your fundraising revenue with 50/50 Raffles